From what I’ve witnesses, the hate/ridicule stems from multiple places. (it’s a lot to read)
"Transgender (rumor)" - Something that’s followed Ciara since the beginning of her career, and folks still run with it to this day. (calling her t-slurs, photoshopping dicks onto her body, etc) It’s never made any sense to me because the rumor has always had conflicting “facts”. (i.e. Ciara admitting to it on Oprah when she’s never been a guest) Truth be told, this is a running insult for many female celebs (esp. those with masculine features) that I find offense. Like, even if Ci was a trans-woman, why would that be held against her?
Alleged “Swagger-jacking” - One of two main sore spot for people (who can’t tell the difference from influence & the former). Janet Jackson/Aaliyahfans (“stans”) never miss a beat and take pride in pointing out anything Ciara supposedly “ripped-off” from their fav. (sidenote: Ciara has cited Michael & Janet as influences - not Aaliyah.)
"No place in the industry" - Because Ciara isn’t a powerhouse singer, she frequently has to deal with heckler over her singing. (ex: her Christmas performance @ the white house is constantly brought up) Ironically, Janet/Aaliyah have face similar scrutiny.. To make matters worse, a Janet “stan” (who I’m familiar with) went as far as to create a petition to stop Ciara from making music (which he claims was to piss off her fans, but actually caused enough ruckus for certain blogs to take notice)
"Success Struggle" - A rather common thing that I hate. It’s no secret that since Fantasy Ride, Ciara has struggled to have the same success as she initally had with Goodies/The Evolution. As a result, many have written her off as an irrelevant “flop” - laughing at her misfortune & ignoring any level of success she’s had or makes.
"Boring"/"Lack of Personality" - Basically folks wanting Ci to make her personal life public (in interviews, etc), and feel she comes off to wooden. The most notable person to express this was radio host (Wendy William’s former lackey), Charlemagne, when Missy Elliott asked why he doesn’t like Ciara. (Like his mentor, he has a history of berating celebs, esp women) Granted, her fans wouldn’t mind her opening up more (about BTS issues with her music, etc). However, it isn’t that important to the point she needs to be ridiculed for it.
"Hollywood Bitch" - A phrase originally uttered by Lloyd over a supposed change in Ciara’s demeanor/personality. In reality, he was salty about Ciara kicking him out the studio for making too much noise while she was recording. Other have followed suit because of how she speaks now vs her “Goodies” days.
“Rihanna” - During a guest spot on Fashion Police in 2011, Ciara stated (on air) that Rihanna wasn’t nice to her at a party that she attended. The comment was off-topic, but lead to a back in further between the two on Twitter…catching media attention. While the two made up not long after, Rihanna (& her Navy, even more so) has since then made it her business to come for Ciara (via social media) at any give opportunity. This was so frequently to the point that the media took note…again. Prompting them to question Ciara (multiple times) if there was a beef between them. Each time, Ciara stated that she held no ill will towards Rih. This answer enraged Ms. Fenty, and (to this day) she & her Navy believe Ciara is obsessed with Rih.
"Future/Motherhood/End of Engagement" - Due to his relationship pattern (& children that resulted from some of them), Ciara has come under heavy ridicule for being with rapper, Future. This worsened when the couple got engaged & her pregnancy was announced. It’s went from name-calling to looking down on her for not being pregnant out of wedlock. (Something they’ve done to other female celebs too) Now, with the relationship allegedly over - people have resorted to referring to Ciara as “just another Baby Mama” (<— I detest that phrase/word so much)
As I stated, the extremity & reasoning behind these are ridiculous. 
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